Our Story

We were introduced to AdvoCare by one of my longtime friends, Derek and his wife Brittney in 2009. We started out only drinking AdvoCare Spark®, which is an amazing drink and then we decided to see how AdvoCare could help us with dropping a few pounds. We both started on a 24 Day Challenge, which is a 10 day cleanse followed by the Lean In 13 (MAX Pack) program, Alicia dropped 6 lbs and I lost 10 lbs this was all without exercising!

We are currently using AdvoCare products to gain more energy, lose weight and help improve our over-all health. We recently started a new workout program, P90X and will post our results as we work through the program.

What we want to gain from AdvoCare:


Unique and effective products for superior health.

Guided by our prestigious AdvoCare Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, we offer only the highest quality ingredients and standardized herbal extracts for best absorption, well balanced nutrition and consistent results.

AdvoCare products are based on significant scientific and medical breakthroughs.

Our products are regularly tested for purity and potency, and many are routinely tested as part of the most comprehensive banned substance certification program for dietary supplements in the world. AdvoCare products are formulated with the highest regard for safety and efficacy.

The Products

AdvoCare has products for everyone, these range from the Trim line (Solutions for healthy weight management) to the Definite Difference line (Definitive science for beautiful skin®). Our top selling products are from the Active line (Vibrant energy and on-the-go nutrition), these top sellers are AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink and AdvoCare Slam®. If you are looking for an engery boost, these are the products you want! Want nutrition for a healthy, balanced lifestyle? Check out the Well line of products. If you are looking for advanced sports nutrition, look at the Performance Elite line. You can find all of the AdvoCare products at our Online Store

Here are a few recommended bundles:

Business Opportunity

Advocare Business Opportunity

Millions of Americans are searching for more …
time with family … extra income … freedom from debt …
an overall balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Individuals from all walks of life are realizing that through AdvoCare they can find the “more” they’ve been looking for and help others along the way. You can too. Start today.

AdvoCare offers a proven vehicle for success. You can earn income quickly and take advantage of a business opportunity that can last a lifetime. Many families across America are discovering the joys of running their own home based business and seeing that they can reach their true potential.

Your timing is perfect. The major areas of concern among today’s consumers are nutritional and financial well being. The AdvoCare products and business opportunity are poised to meet the growing numbers of Americans who are searching for answers to meet their healthcare and budgetary needs.

Over the past 16 years, millions of product users have experienced amazing results with weight loss, renewed energy and a new level of physical and financial fitness by using the AdvoCare products. Our energy drinks and nutritional supplements have helped people achieve a more healthy and active lifestyle. There are many others out there who desire a way to feel better, look better and get more out of the their lives.

At AdvoCare, we build champions. Become a part of team AdvoCare and see how you can reach new levels of success.